VHCS Features

VHCS Pro is designed for hosting and internet service providers and also for IT professionals.

Administrator Interface

Server Management

  • Full control over server, resellers and endusers
  • Enhanced Server Statistical Information
  • Manage server administrators
  • multiple IP management
  • Upload a new logo
  • Choose default skin
  • Language pack installation over web interface
  • Choose default language
  • Action log management
  • Log2Mail - optional send action log to e-mail
  • Manage SSL Certificate
  • Server, reseller and enduser statistics - traffic / HDD - yearly / monthly / daily / hourly
  • 3 Level Online Support System

Reseller Management

  • Full control over resellers
  • Manage resellers
    • storage space/traffic
    • number of endusers, domains, domain alias and subdomains
    • number of E-mail accounts
    • number of FTP-accounts
    • number of MySQL databases
    • PHP and CGI permissions
    • Autoresponders for e-mail addresses
    • etc ...
  • Suspend reseller
  • High detailed statistics per reseller
  • User assignment - moved enduser from one reseller to another
  • Circular e-mail to all resellers
  • Standard e-mail to the new reseller -
    email templat
  • Reseller personal data

Domain (User) Management

  • Full control over endusres
  • Domain Monitoring - traffic, HDD, etc.
  • Circular e-mail to all endusres
  • Enduser personal daten

Reseller Interface

Hosting Plan Management

  • Unlimited number of targeted domain templates for sites
  • Pre-defined settings for endusres and domains
  • Hosting plan templates
    • defining HDD usage and traffic
    • number of Co-Domains (Domain Alias) and Sub-Domains
    • number of E-mail accounts
    • number of Autoresponders for e-mail addresses
    • number of FTP-Accounts
    • number of MySQL-Databases and users
    • PHP und CGI permissions
    • indivirual Error pages
    • password protection areas (.htacces files)
    • custom Apache Logfiles
    • Backup and Restore
    • Webmail
    • Online File Manager (WebFTP)
  • Manage hosting plan templates
  • Individual templates

Domain Management

  • Full control over endusers
  • Manage Enduser and Domains
  • Suspend Domain / Enduser
  • Enduser and Domain statistics - traffic / HDD -
    yearly / monthly / daily / hourly
  • Circular e-mail to all endusers
  • E-mail template - pre-defined e-mail sent to the new user
  • Personal User data

Enduser/Domain Interface

Domain Management

  • Full control over single domain within limits set by Reseller or Server Administrator
  • Personal data
  • Manage Domains, Co-Domains (Allias) and Subdomains
  • Domain forward
  • Manage POP3-Accounts
  • Manage E-mail forword
  • Define Autoresponders for e-mail addresses
  • Manage Mail-Accounts for Co-Domains and Subdomain
  • Catch All E-mail
  • Webmail
  • Manage FTP-Acounts for Domain, Co-Domains, Subdomains and directories
  • Online File Manager (WebFTP)
  • Manage MySQL-Databases, users and querys
  • phpMyAdmin
  • password protection areas (.htacces files)
  • Custom Error pages
  • Traffic statistics
  • HDD usage statistics
  • Custom Apache Logfiles
  • Graphical Homepage statistics - AWStats
  • Data Backup- and Restore
  • Select prefered language
  • Select prefered design
  • Online Support System

Server site features

  • VHCS Shared-Server Security System
  • VHCS-Daemon - secure Client/Server Data transfer
  • Live System Update - all server configuration changes are instantly available
  • Optional Management - Apache/MTA/DNS
  • System-Live-Check
  • Smart Server Restart
  • Smart Server Backup & Recovery System
  • DNS Templates (primary/secondary) - automate DNS setup when creating a new site with help of server-wide DNS templates
  • Apache Templates
  • MTA (Postfix) Templates
  • AV Engine for Antivirus Software Integration
  • Flexible Mail Configuration (POP3, SMTP Authorisation, open and closed relay, spam protection, etc.)
  • Complete limiting parameters for disk space and traffic capabilities, number of users, mail names, databases and all other objects